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As a member of the Thrillist Media Group Tech Team, you’ll use cutting-edge technology to ship cool products to millions of users. We’re a laid back, fun crowd that loves solving complex problems and learning from each other.

Technologies in our stack include: the whole LAMP stack, NGINX, Varnish, CakePHP, Apache Solr, Memcache, Mongo, Ruby, Redis, Resque, AWS, Scala, Objective-C and Java (for Android), Puppet and a whole lot more.

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It's a real challenge to build a robust, easy-to-understand, and maintainable system... without over-engineering.  At TMG, I have had the opportunity to learn elegant and simple solutions to complex problems.

Jacinto Shy Web Developer

The work hard, play harder attitude we have here at TMG makes for a dynamic and exciting work atmosphere. In the design department, we are constantly pushing the boundaries on how we reach and talk to our target audience in new creative manners.

Anita Sukha Graphic Designer

TMG Tech is the epitome of work hard/play hard and those are two of my favorite things to do. The breakneck speed at which we are growing and improving is - no pun intended - thrilling to watch.

Ryan FitzGibbon Project Manager

TMG is a great place to work because of the huge variety of products that we get to build. We are pioneering content and commerce on the web and in our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

Annie Trombatore Director of Product

You meet the kind of people here that are always thirsty to learn more, and improve on what they know. That's very rare.

Joseph Higgins Web Applications Developer

TMG gives me the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people in web development in coming up with robust solutions. Aside from the fact that we use cutting-edge technology and employ industry-standard tools, I get to work with a very easy going and humorous set of people.

Kwadwo Boateng Web Applications Developer

Nobody at TMG is worrying about developing irrelevant skills or working on negligible things - it just doesn't apply here. We're working that far ahead of the curve. The most important asset to our company are the dedicated, brilliant and inspiring people I get to come in to and have the pleasure interacting with every single day - this is why I like working at TMG.

Ken Peltzer Director of Front End Engineering

Tech Stats

  • Techfast

    Tech regularly makes a team breakfast of waffles, pancakes, bacon & love.
  • Apps Galore

    We work on two iPhone apps, an iPad app, and an Android app.
  • Whiskey Wednesday

    Because nothing says team building like Jeppson's Malört.
  • Meetups

    We teach each other with "up and running" peer trainings, host the Prince Building Tech Talks, and more.
  • Lifetime of Learning

    We send our team to tech conferences and workshops like WWDC.